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Draken was born in Shibuyas red-light district and lived in a brothel. His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon.

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At the age of two his mother left him and with his father out of the picture Draken was essentially orphaned.

Tokyo revengers mikey and draken age. Tokyo Revengers - Mikey Draken. This item will only be visible in searches to you your friends and admins. Mikey is a boy of slim build and below average height with pitch black piercing eyes and long blonde hair that is only tied at the top with the hair at the sides flowing freely.

In the original timeline adult Mikeys. This item will only be visible to you admins and anyone marked as a creator. Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age.

Being unusually tall for his age Draken. The Tokyo Manji Gang is founded by a handful of naïve albeit well-meaning middle schoolers Mikey Draken Kazutora Baji Mitsuya and.

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